Education for Holistic Human Health

(Thimphu, Bhutan, 26th - 28th April, 2018)

IIT Kanpur

About the Conference

The international conference on human values in higher education (ICHVHE) is an annual conference aimed at developing a shared vision of holistic, human education, particularly in institutions of higher education. To start with the scope is within India and other SAARC nations. Ultimately the effort is for human education for every child, globally.

The 7th International Conference on Human Values in Higher Education is to be held 26-28 April 2018 at Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan, Thimphu (Bhutan) on the theme "Human Values In Higher Education : Education for Holistic Human Health".

The first and second ICHVHEs were held in 2012 & 2013 at IIIT, Hyderabad. Since then the conference is being held every year. The interest, participation and specific commitments have been steadily expanding. The 3rd conference was held at IKG-PTU in Kapurthala, Punjab. The 4th ICHVHE in 2015 at GCBS, Gedu Bhutan was a gathering of 100 distinguished individuals including 23 vice chancellors and directors from 10 countries. The 5th conference was held at AGI, Rajkot in 2016. The 6th ICHVHE was held at IIT Kanpur in 2017. A special panel on Human Values in Medical Education was introduced in this conference.

Purpose Of The Conference


A selected group of 100 participants are expected, particularly from SAARC nations. These include policy makers, health education regulators, chancellors and vice chancellors of medical universities, and persons committed to universal human values.


Delegates are encouraged to participate in the inclusive speaker-led discussions, panel discussions and sharing sessions about the core aspects of universal human values.
What is shared at the conference is expected to be based on actual experience. The effort being shared should have been tried in education concretely and not just be based on theoretical arguments alone. We focus on approaches that have been "experimented on a large scale" and proliferating, from one institution to another, in a natural manner.

The content should be:

Logical: Possible to discuss and ask questions.
Verifiable: Can be verified in one's experiencs non-mystical not a set of do's & don'ts.
Universal: Applicable to all individuals, for all time, for all places.
Humane: Good for people as well as the planet.
Scope: Encompassing all aspects of life.

Panel Discussion

Some of the questions or issues associated with human health particularly problems with the contemporary medical system today for discussion:

1. Basic Questions
  1. Is health education & health care available and accessible to all or only to a privileged few?
  2. Who is taking the responsibility for health?
    1. Is it the individuals?
    2. Is it the professional medical system?
  3. Is the mainstream education system ensuring the development of the competence & motivation to be healthy? (e.g. how much time is devoted to the study of nutrition and lifestyle?)
2. Medical Professionals
  1. Have medical professionals (doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies) become commerce oriented rather than health and service oriented? What is the direction? (all of these stand to profit/ gain when individuals are unhealthy)
  2. Are monetary commissions being given to doctors when they prescribe medicines / diagnostic tests from particular shops / clinics?
  3. Are these practices ethical? Legal?
  4. Have hospitals, particularly corporate hospitals, started giving remuneration to doctors based on the money they earn for the hospital?
  5. Has this has led to increase in tests, surgeries, hospitalization, etc.?
  6. Are these practices ethical?
3. Medical Students
  1. What is the overall development of perspective on life? (with self development, are they able to see their larger role in family, society and nature?)
  2. What is the role of health, health care services, nursing, medicine, surgery etc. in the overall perspective of life?
  3. Are they sensitized to what they would be seeing & doing later in their profession?
  4. What is the current state of the medical profession?
  5. What is the desired state of the health system?
  6. What is the component of human values and ethics in the curriculum?
4. Integrative Medicine
  1. Is there integration of diagnosis/treatment by allopathy, traditional medicine, ayurveda, homeopathy, etc.?
5. Holistic Health
  1. Is the focus on prevention (primary, secondary, tertiary prevention)?
  2. Is the focus on disease?
  3. Is the effort for managing lifestyle ailments, for life?
  4. Is the effort for cure (eg. hypertension, diabetes)?
  5. Are we looking at health holistically or primarily at physical health?
  6. Is the emphasis on body even when we deal with mental health?

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